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God, tell me something

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God, tell me something

Anything - I can do for you, and I will do it

By Teresa LeNeave

Who is the most important person in your church? I'll bet you immediately thought of a person's name. That person is probably not the most important person in your church.

The pastor, of course, is the leader and is the most important as far as leadership goes. I should have asked, "Other than your pastor, who is the most important person in your church?" I've been thinking about how important everyone in a church is and after much thought, I've decided "no one is more important than you." I honestly believe people who work in the Ministry of helps are just important to a great church as the deacons and teachers. Have you ever considered that it's the Janitor who provides you a nice, clean place to worship?

If you don't believe the worker bees are important, do without them for a month.

Trash would build up and run over on the floor. Paper and candy wrappers would fill the church pews. After a church dinner, dirty dishes wound pile up in the sink, unwashed, and may be there at the next dinner, still dirty. Bugs would move in. Commodes would look like a nasty roadside gas station that never gets cleaned. You get the picture.

I believe the Ministry of Helps is one of the most important jobs in a church, a business, a school. Imagine the condition a school would get into if no one cleaned it for a month!

In 1 Corinthians 12:28, Christians often read the first portion of this verse with eyes wide open and mind focused. We seem to close our eyes and lose focus as we pass over the second half of that verse.

Paul said God sat these in the church. "First apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, (here is where we close our eyes and skip over one of the most important aspects of the church), HELPS, GOVERNMENTS, diversities of tongues."

The Ministry of Helps is listed in the exact same verse of the Bible and the helper is just as anointed as the prophet. God set up his/her job. They have a different job to do, but they are just as anointed for their job as the apostle is anointed for his. We sometimes think the bigger jobs are the most anointed and God speaks to them directly. The true is, he speaks to us all. I believe the Ministry of Helps is so vitally important! Without people who work in the Ministry of Helps, nothing works smoothly.

They are the ones who keep the engine moving without a hiccup.

Personally, I don't want to go in a dirty bathroom at church (or anywhere for that matter). That means the Janitor is one of the most important people in the church! We must have them! The kitchen worker is just as important! We must have them! The Ministry of Helps is the cog in the engine that takes pressure off the pastor. What kind of church would you have if the pastor had to do everything? I can tell you: a tired one. The Ministry of Helps is so very important. It should be talked about. Honored. God set it in the church. The usher is just as anointed to do his/her job as the ministers of music or the musicians. If you are cleaning the church, serving as an usher, working in an outreach program, running the sound system, or visiting the sick: you are just as important, in the church, as the teachers. The local church cannot do without those who give assistance to the pastor.

How many times have you cried out to God saying, "God, I will do anything! Just tell me what to do!" We cry. We beg. When all the time, right in front of our face is the Word of God that says the Ministry of Helps is needful.

It was set up by God himself. Usually, jobs that need to be done are right in front of our faces. We see them week after week and do nothing to fix the problem. Go to your pastor. Talk to him about working in the Ministry of Helps. I promise you there is something you can do.

Don't close your eyes and ignore one of the most important jobs in a church. I believe people who work in the Ministry of Helps has just as much anointing on them, to perform their job, as the teacher or the preacher. God set the Ministry of Helps in the church just like he set the pastor or the prophet. You are important. You are what makes the church work smoothly and it's God who gave you those talents to fulfill the need in the church. You take a lot of pain and headache off the pastor. It's because of you that the pastor has time to study and prepare his sermons. You are important.

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