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Summer League sports are winding down as tournament action begins...

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Summer league sports is winding down for the season as tournament action began on Monday, June 24.
The Comets from Bardwell and the Hornets from Hickman City took the field first, with the Hornets scoring 4 runs with 3 doubles, a triple and and 2 walks.
The Comets scored 3 runs with 5 walks, a double and a base hit.
In the 2nd inning, the Hornets swarmed the field with 4 walks, a base hit and 2 doubles bringing 5 runs to the plate, while the Comets fail to score.
A single run is added to the Hornets score in the 3rd inning with a walk and a double, then the Comets battle back as 7 walks and 3 base hits send 7 runs home to tie the score 10-10.
The Hornets put the sting back in the game with 3 walks, a base hit, a double and a sacrifice scoring 3 runs for a 13-10 advantage.
The Comets get a pair of doubles but the runners are left stranded.
The Hornets add a single run in the 5th with a triple and a sacrifice, then the Comets rally back with 7 walks and 2 base hits, scoring 5 runs for a 15-14 victory.

In game number 2, the Comets were on the field against the Rangers from Clinton.
The Comets were up to bat first and scored 7 runs with 5 walks, 2 singles, a double and a triple, while the Rangers scored 4 runs with 3 base hits, a double and 4 walks.
The Comets added 7 runs in the 2nd inning with 3 doubles, 3 base hits and 3 walks but the Rangers came up with 3 runs with 2 base hits, a walk and a double.
The 3rd and 4th innings were unproductive for both teams, keeping the score at 14-7, then the Comets add 4 runs in the 5th inning with 3 doubles, a walk and a base hit for an 18-7 victory.

Twelve and under baseball action resumed on Tuesday, June 25, with the Bucks from Bardwell and Fancy Farm on the field.
The Bucks open the action with a walk and a base hit but no runs came to the plate.
Fancy Farm walked 3 batters and singled once but they too came away empty.
The Bucks scored a single run in the 2nd inning with a base hit, a walk and a double and Fancy Farm failed to score.
In the 3rd inning, the Bucks didn’t score and Fancy Farm scored 2 runs with 2 walks and 2 base hits.
Neither team scored in the 4th inning, the Bucks tied the score in the 5th with 3 base hits and Fancy Farm took a 3-2 lead with a walk, a double and a sacrifice.
The Bucks had to score in the 6th inning to keep the game going and sent a walk to the bases but Fancy Farm collected the outs for a 3-2 victory.
Game number 2 of the night brought the Bucks up against Wingo and the Bucks scored 3 runs with a double, a base hit, a triple, a sacrifice and a walk.
Wingo tied the score with 3 walks, a base hit and a double.
The Bucks bring 4 runs to the plate in the 2nd inning with 4 base hits and a walk, while a single run comes in for Wingo from a walk and 2 base hits.
The Comets add 3 runs in the 3rd inning with 2 walks, a base hit and with what everyone thought was a home run but the runner didn’t slide at the plate and was called out.
Wingo added a single run in the 3rd with a walk and a triple for a 10-5 score.
Both teams came away without score in the 4th inning, even though Wingo loaded the bases with 3 walks.
The final outcome had a question mark on it as the 5th inning began but the Bucks put an exclamation point into the equation as a base hit, 2 doubles and a triple put the game out of Wingo’s reach, giving the Bucks a 13-5 victory.

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