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Temporary or Eternal? by J.T. Parish

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Temporary or Eternal?

Evangelist Billy Graham who is now in his middle 90's was asked what the greatest surprise he found in his lifetime. Mr. Graham answered "The brevity of life." Indeed our earthly existence is brief. It is less than a drop of water to the Pacific Ocean in comparison to eternity.

The Bible compares our life to grass that grows up one day and is shortly withered. Again the Scriptures tell us our life is like a wisp of smoke that the wind blows away. Yet, what we do in this brief span of time we have on earth affects us for eternity if we receive Jesus and His finished work on the cross, we receive eternal life and a forever life in Heaven. If we ignore Jesus and reject His gift of Grace, we will still spend an eternity - but it will be an eternity in the torment of Hell.

The mobs were demanding the governor release the criminal Barabbas. Pilate asked them a stunning question, "What shall I do with Jesus?? The mob screamed, "Let Him be crucified!" everyone has Jesus on hand. We must do something with Him. We will have to receive Him or reject Him. We cannot be neutral about Jesus. Pilate tried that and it didn't work. Here is the important thing to remember: What we do with Jesus in time, He will do with us in eternity!

God has no grandchildren. Salvation is not by proxy. Every person must choose for himself/herself.

Heaven is awesome!

Hell is unspeakable horrible!

Time is short!

Eternity is long!

The choice is yours!

What will you do with Jesus?

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