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The Confessions of a Giver by Dr. J.T. Parish

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The Confessions of a Giver


With apologies to Little Jack Horner who sat in a corner: “Old Deacon Horner, who sat in a corner as the contribution plate passed by, sweetly content, he dropped in a cent and said, “What a good churchman am I.”

                  I don’t give because:

  1. I have lots of money.
  2. Because my debts are all paid
  3. Because I fear I’ll go to Hell if I don’t
  4. Because of a sense of duty
  5. Not to pay God for His blessings

I tithe and give because this is God’s method of financing the spread of the gospel. It is one way I can participate in all the outreach ministries of my church. While I cannot go to foreign lands to carry the gospel, I can give to help send those who go. I tithe and give to acknowledge God’s ownership of everything and to demonstrate my faithfulness and stewardship of all He has allowed me to possess.

I tithe and give because I had rather live under a blessing than under a curse. Blessings may be material, or blessings may be what money can’t buy, but blessings will come to the generous soul who obeys both the letter and the spirit of God’s word.

I tithe and give because it is proportionate giving and God blesses what we give whether it be little or much. I tithe and give because it is taught in the Word of God. I am obedient to God when I give and disobedient if I don’t. Finally, I tithe and give because I like to be happy. The Word “blessed” may be translated “happy”. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

 In our society there are lifters and leaners, givers and receivers. I believe it is a rule of thumb that you can count on, the lifters and the givers are the happiest people. 

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