The Decalogue by Dr. J.T. Parish

J.T. Parish

The Decalogue

What about the Ten Commandments? They Exist! They are God’s Commands. God gave them to Moses, and yes, they were written in stone. They were not just a bright idea that Moses had. They are 10 Commandments not 10 suggestions. Through the Ten Commandments God told us the kind of behavior that pleases Him.

The Commandments are an ideal system of ethics and wonderful guidelines for our lives on earth. In our society the Commandments were formerly seen as basic to the training of children in most homes, churches, and schools. Since they have been taken off the school room walls they have left a blank wall. Since all nature hates a vacuum, they have been replaced by the relativism of secular humanism. It shows in our society.

Ignorance of these Commandments is a costly weakness, and is a major cause in the decline of civil behavior and a downhill slide into a cesspool of immorality. The Commandments serve like the banks of a river. Because of the banks the river flows. Without banks it would spread out into the fields and become stagnant fields of mosquito breeding filthy water.

If I keep the Commandments will I be saved and go to Heaven? No, the Commandments are not the Savior. They show us what sin is and our need of a Savior. Jesus Christ is the Savior. When you know the Commandments and take them seriously, you know you have not perfectly kept them. But Jesus did!

The Son of God lived 33 years as a man in this world and lived it without sin. “He who knew no sin was made sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”