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The Old Dead Tree by Dr. J.T. Parish

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The Old Dead Tree

Uncle Henry was my dad’s uncle who helped raise him after his father died. Uncle Henry seemed like a grandfather to all of us in our large family of eight children. We looked forward to his visits. I will never forget the time he gave dad advice about the old dead tree that stood between our house and the barn. Uncle Henry said, “If you don’t cut that dead tree, a wind will blow it down and kill about a half dozen kids!” Uncle Henry’s words were almost prophetic. Late one afternoon just as my sister and I walked past the tree we heard a cracking sound. She ran one way, I ran the other, and the old dead tree fell right between us. Thank God for His protection. We could have been badly injured or killed. Dad had planned to cut the tree but he had been busy working long hours during harvest season on the farm. His negligence almost became tragic.

A much worse tragedy is experienced by many well-meaning people who neglect the salvation of their souls while busy or distracted by other things.

I heard a story of a meeting between Satan and his demons as they discussed how they could deceive the people on earth. One demon suggested that they tell people that there is no God. Another wanted to spread the lie that God does not love people and did not send Jesus to atone for them on the cross. Finally one demon rose up and said, “Let me go down to earth and tell them there is a God, and He does love them, and Jesus did die to save them, but there is no urgency, they have plenty of time – Just don’t accept Christ today.” Satan said, “That is the plan. We will tell them they have plenty of time – we will get them to procrastinate until it is too late.”

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” No one has the promise of tomorrow. Today is the day of Salvation!

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