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The Optimist VS. The Pessimist by J.T. Parish

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The Optimist VS. The Pessimist

Two farmers were neighbors, one was an optimist, the other was a pessimist. The optimist said, "Its is a beautiful, warm, summer day." The pessimist replied, "Yes, the sun will probably scorch the crops." On another day the optimist said, "God is so good to give this nice rain for our crops." The pessimist answered, "But if it doesn't stop raining soon, all our crops will be drowned."

Finally the optimist had trained his dog to do unusual tricks, and he invited his neighbors to go duck hunting wih him. The optimist shot a duck and it fell into the water. The dog walked across the water to retrieve the duck. The pessimist said, "He can't swim, can he?" both men saw the same situation, but their analysis of the situation was very different. One saw the positive, the other only saw the negative.

Two people may look out the same window and see two entirely different things. One may look up and see a sky full of bright starts. The other may look down and see nothing but mud. One person focuses on the mountain of his problems, another focuses on Jesus who moves mountains. Instead of telling God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is. Jesus said, "All things are possible to Him who believes."

One man may have been a bit too optimistic. He fell down a 19 story building and was heard to say as he passed the eighth floor, "So far so good!" the ultimate pessimist was the one who had his tombstone engraved, "I just knew it was going to happen." The realist is the one who knows we live in a fallen world, but who trusts God and knows the Word of God says, "Faith is the victory that overcomes the world."

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