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The Right Thing by J.T. Parish

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The Right Thing

Simon Peter and his fellow disciples were experienced sailors but they found themselves in a storm on the Sea of Galilee that more than tested their skills. In the middle of the storm at the darkest hour Jesus came walking toward them. They had never seen anything like it. They thought He was a ghost. They were scared out of their wits.

Jesus called out to them and told them not to be afraid. His presence always calms fears. He said, "It is I." Simon Peter said, "If it is you, bid me to come to you." Jesus said, "Come." Simon Peter stepped over the side of the boat and did a humanly impossible thing - he walked on the water. He did it in obedience to the Word of Jesus.

When you know you have the Word from Jesus, you can do the humanly impossible. Right in the middle of a miracle Simon did the natural thing. He got his eyes off Jesus and became distracted by the fierce storm. The result - he began to sink. Men can't walk on water. Fear of the storm will cause you to sink every time. Faith in Jesus with your focus on Him causes you to walk in a miracle. Eyes on the storm, distracted from Jesus, moved by fear instead of faith, and disaster follows.

Then Peter did the right thing. He called out to Jesus. "Lord, save me!" Jesus reached out and saved him from the raging storm and they strolled back to the boat together. Simon did the impossible again - he walked on water.

Our God is the God of the second chance. Just because you blew it and made a failure it is not the end. No failing in permanent unless you sit down beside it. Do the right thing - Call on Jesus, and begin to walk with Him!

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