The Second Horse by Dr. J.T. Parish

J.T. Parish

The Second Horse

The second horse on the Devil’s Merry-Go-Round is Doubt. Doubt is a fiery dart from the enemy that can be quenched by the shield of faith. Doubt can be cruel. It makes a person miserable while keeping him from receiving by faith the things God has promised.

Jesus asked His disciples a very good question, “O ye of little faith, why did you doubt?” people doubt everything good. Some doubt the veracity of God’s Word. Some doubt God’s very existence. Even believers who know God doubt their own salvation.

Doubt is not the same as unbelief. Doubt is in the head. Disbelief is a matter of the heart. A person with faith in his heart may battle doubt in his mind. The Bible speaks of “An evil heart of unbelief. John the Baptist who certainly had no evil heart of unbelief, yet had doubts about Jesus when he was in solitary confinement in prison. He asked if Jesus was the Messiah or should we look for another. His doubts were short lived when the word was given to him concerning the work of the Messiah that Jesus was doing.

The cure for doubt is the Word of God. “Faith comes by hearing the word of God.” When the word is read, believed, and obeyed, doubt melts away like a snowfall in July. A woman came to her pastor’s office on morning to tell him of her problems with doubt. The pastor gave her a hand full of tracks and a soul winners New Testament and told her to go door to door witnessing for Christ, and come back to his office at 4 p.m.

The lady returned at the appointed hour so happy she could hardly contain herself. She had witnessed two people being saved. The pastor said, “Now let’s discuss your problem with doubt.” She replied, “O, I don’t have a doubt left!”

If you have a doubt, do what that woman did. The obedience of faith always did overcome doubt!