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Results: the bottom line is what counts

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Results: the bottom line is what counts

By Teresa LeNeave

You probably know people who have all the qualifications and are even excellent communicators, but they never come up with results. Do you ever wonder why?

The Bible is always our final authority so what does it say? Basically, it says big things are the result of many little things. We live in a "microwave" world where we all want everything instantly, but that's not how real life works. In the real world, little things come before big things.

A genius can be lazy and not amount to anything. An average Joe can be faithful and determined and he can accomplish great things. If we want God to use us, or want promotion at work, we must cultivate faithfulness and dependability. What is it that you want to do? Work toward it diligently.

Just because a person has all the qualifications is no indication that they will succeed in life. Jesus said the person who can be trusted with little things will be trusted with greater things. People sometimes think little things like showing up to work on time; actually working during working hours and helping where you see a need, are little things ... things that doesn't really matter. The truth is, those thing matter greatly if you want promotion. I think it holds true when working for God as well.

Faithfulness to your church family will not only endear you to God, but to people. Think about the things that you view as trivial. It could be punctuality, honesty, dependability, or something so little as keeping your word. Those things may seem trivial, but if you want results and success, they are not trivial. They are major. No employer values an employee who is not dependable. They may love the person, and give them every chance possible, but they can't put value on them because they are not dependable.

Watch the small things. How do you handle little responsibilities? People who are faithful in small things, will be faithful in bigger things. If they are not faithful in little things, they will not be faithful in big things. That's just the facts. If you are looking for an employee or church worker, take notice of their faithfulness. People who won't commit to small things will not commit to big things and you will just end up with problems.

I am not talking about emergencies when a person has other responsibilities that must be handled. I am thinking about someone I know who is very dependable, but an emergency came up that had to be handled. The character of this person was glaring and made me appreciate the person even more. They had always been dependable to us, and now they were dependable to the emergency. I think that is a sign of great character and proves that a person who is dependable will be dependable in all things. That's why some people have all the qualifications and never come up with results. Dependability and faithfulness has not been their daily practice.

Faithfulness is a life-style. It's something we practice. There is no substitute for faithfulness. God is very clear about this. In Luke 16:10, he said, "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much."

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