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Today is Monday, July 6, 2020

Two Rivers Fisheries First Shipment of Asian carp

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Wickliffe – John R. Goss, Asian Carp Director Council on Environmental Quality at the Whitehouse said this about Asian carp during the ceremony for the first truckload shipment out of Two Rivers Fisheries, “We are very concerned about controlling the Asian carp population.” Goss continued by saying that Two Rivers Fisheries is an export success proving the business model can work in the Midwest and this is a big part of the strategy. Ron Brooks, Director of Fisheries from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources informed the attendees that Two Rivers Fisheries is the first processing center south of Illinois.

Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard spoke about how special the day was for Ballard County and how proud she is of the jobs that Angie Yu, President of Two Rivers Fisheries, and Two Rivers Fisheries has created for Ballard County.

This is the first shipment of a 1,000,000 pound contract that Two Rivers Fisheries is sending to China. Each pallet of Asian carp weighs 1,000 pounds and will be shipped by truck to Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA where they will be off loaded onto a boat and sail to China. Yu says that it is Two Rivers Fisheries goal to send out two containers a week.  Each of these containers weighs 40,000 pounds. Yu stated, “Without your help, we can do nothing.”

Per Yu, the other fish, such as catfish, that the eight full time fishermen bring to Two Rivers Fisheries will be sold to a local wholesaler. Per Jeff Smith, Operations Manager of Two Rivers Fisheries, they will add more local fishermen. The current fishermen are from Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. Smith added that there are approximately twelve full time employees and seven or eight part time employees. The part time employees are called in on an as needed basis.

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