USPS Postal Rate Increase

Pat Thomann, LL Editor

USPS Postal Rate Increase

Just in case you may have forgotten on January 26, 2014 the U.S. Postal Service will again be increasing their postal mailing rates for several types of mail. Those included are Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Package Service as well as many other special services.

The cost of regular postage stamp will increase from 46 cents to 49 cents per stamp. First-Class Package Service will see an increase of 5%. Postcards will increase from 33 cents to 34 cents.

Since the introduction of the postage stamp in 1863 when they were 6 cents the cost has stayed below 10 cents until 1974. After 1974 the rate increased every 3-5 years until 2006 when it started to increase every year. The cost actually decreased in 1883 to 4 cents and continued to decrease until 1968 when it was once again 6 cents.

For those wishing to lock in the present price you can go to your local post office and buy as many “FOREVER” stamps as you like. If you still have 46 cent stamps left after January 25th you will need to purchase 1 cent stamps to put on your envelopes with the 46 cent stamps.

With the increase in the use of emails and text messages less people are mailing their correspondence by “snail mail,” causing a decrease in revenue for the postal service. Most of the revenue now is generated through packages and special services.

In recent years The U.S. Postal Service has cut out many mail sorting centers and other services in an effort to remain solvent. Although we may complain about the cost of a stamp nobody wants to give up their mail delivery.