Victorious Living by Teresa A. LeNeave;Wake up God

Teresa A. LeNeave

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Wake up God

By Teresa A. leNeave

Have you ever wanted to wake up God like the disciples did on that sinking ship recorded in Matthew? I've been like the disciples a few times when I wanted to shake him from sleep, crying, "Lord, save me. Lord, you see what's going on. Wake up and help me!" One thing I know for sure: God will never let you down. I know that by experience. Through the years, I've faced a lot of battles and I've even wondered if my ship would sink, but somehow just before it went down, I was lifted up.

The Bible says he is the Alpha and the Omega, which simply means he's the beginning and the end. The first and the last. What he starts he always finishes.

Problems can be so deep-seated that it seems even God can't change it, but faith defies logic. If we'll just hold on faith will win. Holding on in faith doesn't mean you won't doubt or feel a twinge of fear now and then. To me, holding on in faith is pushing those doubtful and fearful thoughts out of your mind every time they pop up. Don't let fear and doubt set up camp in your mind.

I heard TD Jakes say, "Your faith will make you survive." I like that.

It will make you wake up God. You honor God and he will honor you. In the trials of my life, it's when I'm absolutely sincere about a change that I've seen God move. As long as I was mediocre in my attitude, I got mediocre results.

I didn't always get the answer I wanted at the time I wanted, but he always came through.

While you're in the battle, don't lose your amazement of God; see everything as God communicating with you. I think when we see life as communication between God and man we will live lives of gratitude. Being grateful for every little thing God does will build our faith. I once heard someone say, in the scheme of things man is a dot, of a dot, of a dot. That's mighty small. It seems so insignificant. It's true. It is small. It is insignificant, but that don't change God's love for us. It may make him love us more because I read in the Bible where God knows our frame and remembers we're just dust (Psalms 103:14). I don't believe you can do anything bad enough that God stops loving you. We may walk away from him, but he won't walk away from us. He loves us as if we was his most prized creation ... because we are.

The Bible says we are his workmanship, created IN Christ Jesus...unto good works. God's got a lot invested in us. So, when we want to wake up God, I think he's okay with that.