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Someday Boulevard

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This is where I find myself too often: Someday Boulevard. Someday, I am going to clean out the garage. Someday, I'm going to Australia. Someday, I'll write that book. Someday, I'll call that friend from days gone by. Someday, I will paint that picture. Someday, I'll start up that business I always wanted to start ...

I have a friend who, for years, has invited me to go on a New Zealand trip. I always say, "Someday, I will". After a few years of asking me, she finally said, "Someday, is no day". I got to thinking about that and how so many of us put off the things we want, or need, to do until it's too late. The excuses never end until we're either too sick, too old, or too busy taking care of elderly parents.

Someday Boulevard is a road you get on that is inundated with detours. You really plan to do a thing, but you get sidetracked with a dozen different detours. Satan is the master of detours. You may plan to read your Bible everyday while spending some quiet time in prayer, but you get detoured. You have a dream of what you'd like to do someday, but you never get around to it because you've taken a detour. Now, you're so far away from the plan that you wonder if you'll ever get back to it.

Proverbs 23:23 (NIV) says, "Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding." This scripture describes a transaction we make that involves wise decisions; understanding out to carry them out and the discipline to complete what we start. We need wisdom to follow, but what is lacking in so many lives is the strength to endure. What have you always wanted to do but never have? Now, you're older and wiser but you still don't do it. Voices in your head tell you you're too old now. Too tired. It just doesn't matter as much as it used it.

God's plan is that we stand firm. Let nothing move us. Keep soldiering on. Doing today what can be done today. Remembering that "someday" is "no day".

Someday Boulevard is not a place intended to hold us back or stop us entirely. It is just a place where we keep postponing things. The truth is, things we don't do today will crop up again next week and we'll once again have to do them or postpone them again. It's a circle, a life-habit, we can get caught in and still be in when we leave this life.

It's the little things that add up and count so much in the long run.

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