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What you do today affects your tomorrow

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Weight loss. What depressing words. I once heard someone say, "Life has three seasons. Yesterday, today and tomorrow." Weight has a way of catching all three seasons in one bucket and suddenly you realize you don't feel as healthy as you should. You don't look as good as you want to. Your clothes don't fit as well as they used to and your energy has fallen off somewhere along the way. Knowing weight had crept up on me, I had to do something about it, so I joined with two friends (for support and motivation) to see who could lose the most weight in 53 days. I came in second and that's not anything to brag about, but being accountable to someone made a big difference and constantly reminded me of my goal.

What I learned from these 53 days has been more valuable than the few pounds I lost. First, I learned it's very important to pay attention to each day. Everyday there will be something to distract me.

I was made aware of the fact that what I did yesterday spills over into today and what I do today is carried over into tomorrow. For me, weight is an accumulation of not paying attention to each day and the significance of the coming tomorrow. Second, I've always known, but now feel the importance of the fact that being healthy is really what I want to set my sights on. The Bible says, "Without vision, people perish." I know that verse is not talking about health, but it holds true just the same. Vision can pertain to anything, including health.

I can't remember who I heard speaking, but I remember he said, "Inattention to any one of those days, yesterday, today, or tomorrow, will materially affect the life and action of the remaining two." Everything I do affects tomorrow. Planning for tomorrow cannot be ignored. That applies to our health, our finances, our morals, our commitment; our dedication; our relationships; actually, our everything. No single day remains a single day. It moves into tomorrow. One pound becomes two pounds and two pounds becomes three. And so it goes.

Some people think today is all that matters because tomorrow may never come. When I hear that statement, I'm reminded of Joseph in the Bible. He believed, today's choices should be made considering your tomorrows and your future days. Doing it right today, will make for a better tomorrow. A better future. That applies to all aspects of our lives. If I do it right today, tomorrow will be better.

In the Bible, we read about Joseph who was bought as a slave and sold to the Pharaoh of Egypt and his wife, Potiphar. Falsely accused of defiling Potiphar, Joseph found himself in jail. To make a long story short, Joseph was released after interpreting a dream Pharaoh had. When he was finally released from prison, Pharaoh set him over all his kingdom because he found Joseph had proved himself "discreet and wise". (Genesis 39)

His wise advice was simple: Prepare for the bad years during the good years.

Joseph realized that each day overlaps into the next. Prepare for the future. Let your habits of today make your tomorrows better. That applies to your spiritual life as well as healthy eating and living. Bad habits make for bad futures.

Prepare for your future, today. Most of all, prepare for the future of your soul. Where will you spend eternity? Procrastination is a thief. It will steal your time, your health, your happiness, your energy, and if your salvation is left unattended, procrastination can steal your soul.

It hinders you in every aspect of life whether it's living a healthy life style or being committed to Christ. Putting things off until tomorrow, keeps you always in catching-up mode. It keeps you in yesterday and you know that never will work. Continually putting off what we need to attend to today, leaves us always owing a debt too yesterday. It stresses you today and wears you out tomorrow. Whether we are dealing with weight loss, salvation, finances, marriage problems or anything else, it's all the same. What we did yesterday spills over into today and what we do today is carried over into tomorrow. What we do today affects our tomorrow.

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