What's Happening with me...

Pat Thomann, LL Editor

What's happening with me

I am now starting my second month as Editor of the Livingston Ledger and I never realized how time-consuming this job could be. Although I'm only in the Smithland office on Wednesdays, I am working on news seven days a week. If you have news or events you would like in the newspaper please call or email me.

I am thoroughly enjoying meeting the people in the county and getting to know each and every one of you. I am embarking on several new additions to the paper and hope you enjoy them.

I did take some time off to visit with my sister, Linda Byassee, her husband Terry and their daughter Melissa from the St. Louis area. They are not able to come visit us much due to Terry's job, so when they do come it is a real treat.

We met at my brother and sister-in-law, Leroy and Summer Hensley's house in Benton and enjoyed a great pot of chili that Summer made. We talked about old times. We remembered and laughed about things each of us had done in our “younger days” Although our time with them was short, it is a time I will always remember.

I hope you also got to spend time with those that mean a lot to you especially those that you don't see often. Time really does fly.