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When We Need Direction

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When we need direction


I was recently reminded of something the other day when I went on a long car trip to a destination where I wasn’t familiar with how to get there. I turned on my trusty GPS and put in the coordinates and away I went. What technology has allowed us to be able to do, like find a route to a destination we have never traveled before, is amazing. It has made things so much better. No more stopping at a gas station in a town we are not familiar with, or stopping a complete stranger to ask for directions; everything is all at our fingertips. The GPS even has the ability to take you to a place to get something to eat or stop to get gas without changing your route to your main destination. I asked myself, “How did my parents ever get by without it?”


It made me think about how convenient it would be to have a GPS to help get us to our destination in life. Then it hit me; we have always had a GPS in our life. GOD has always been there as our GPS. Most people when they hit a certain age in life will look back and ask themselves, “Did I make the right choices? Did I live my life to the fullest?” If given the chance, they might choose to do some things differently. I’m sure people feel for the most part that they have lived a full life, when in fact they didn’t. They just choose to give up on things, take what they were given, and keep telling themselves that what they’re doing in life was the right choice. After looking back and realizing this, I wonder if people feel that they have lived a full life, or maybe they are still wondering what their purpose in life was or is at the present time.


As soon as Adam and Eve chose to eat the apple in the garden, it from then on caused people to have to choose how they wanted to live their lives. Before the apple was bitten, GOD had everything planned out for us. After their wrong choice, life got harder for us and we have the ability to make right or wrong decisions. They had to pick which road to take, what to eat, or just simply what to do, and what to think.


I have heard it said many times that if we will just allow GOD to lead us and if we choose to follow His will, He will tell you which road to follow. I truly believe this, but I also feel that like a GPS that gives you the best route for your trip, GOD will do the same by laying out the best roads for our life. GOD won’t drive the car for you, though, and it’s our choice whether or not to follow the map GOD has laid out for us.


When I get to a certain age, am I going to look back at the crossroads of choice and ask myself if I should have taken that road? Will I have made the wrong turn? Should I have gotten off at the exit ramp when I had a chance? Did I live my life like I should have and like it was intended and to the fullest? Those are questions that I don’t want to have to ask myself. I want to know that I chose the right road. Did I make the right decision? Who knows, but I feel like I have chosen the right roads.


There is only one person who knows what road we are suppose to take. Choosing the roads that will lead you to His road is the difficult part. Some make it to that road and some just choose to take the exit. Some people just sit and stare at the road map wondering if this is the way. Time does not allow for us to sit and stare at the crossroads wondering which way we should go. Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith and follow that road. The great thing that GOD provides as our life GPS is that if we make a wrong turn He doesn’t just turn off and you can always ask Him to lead you down that right road, passing by the person who is sitting there at the crossroads still trying to make their decision on their own.


Don’t be afraid to use your life GPS. Time is not going to wait for you, so don’t wait on it. Just do it! You won’t regret it.

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