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A secret law of the soul

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Tim Delina, pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, said, "The voice you believe will determine the future you experience." Evangelist A.W. Tozer said, "What comes to your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you." And, a well-known pastor, Chip Ingram said, "By a secret law of the soul whatever your image is of God, you will gravitate to it."

Apostle Paul said, "We see through a glass darkly." And, that's so true. If we had any idea how much God loves us and directs our lives we'd not worry about this ole world so much. Somehow, we need more faith to know God knows what he's doing in our country, our families and our own personal lives even when it doesn't look like it. I'm so glad God chooses what's best for me because I can't see tomorrow or its consequences. God can. It would serve us all well to have less worry and less anxiety and more life-lifting trust in an unseen hand.

How do we trust? How do we know if God is leading us? The only way we know is by faith. Our faith has to be bigger than our fear.

Prov 14:12 says, "There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof, are the ways of death". Our ways, according to Solomon, have a tendency to lead toward ways of death. Toward things that are destructive for ourselves or others. Look around at our world. There is so much destruction and yet everyone thinks they are doing the right thing. Everybody seems to be right in their own eyes. We need God. We need someone who sees beyond our tomorrows.

John 4:1 says we have to be very careful about the voices we listen to. Not all have our best interest at heart. The Bible teaches we should test the spirits to see if they are from God. According to the Bible there are several means of testing our own ways, as well as what's going on around us. Read James 3:14-16.

James says when actions are motivated by bitterness or envy, that's not an idea from God. When an idea is based on selfless ambition with self-serving ideas that will hurt someone else, it's not God's idea. If your idea helps yourself and others, you're pretty safe in going ahead with it.


According to James 3, ideas from God are first pure. Everybody knows what "pure" means. If an idea or thought is impure, it's obviously not from God.

James says wisdom is peace loving. God's wisdom promotes harmony and not conflict. God will not give you an idea to create conflict in your family or in your church or on your job. Real wisdom is peace loving. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. Matt. 5:9.

Satan is the accuser of the brother, so refuse to take part in accusations. God's wisdom is full of mercy. I heard Pastor Rick Warren say, "It takes no intelligence to criticize. Anybody can criticize but it takes a strong person to be full of mercy."

Prov. 11:9 says the wisdom of the righteous can save you. What does it save us from? Definitely, from a lot of painful mistakes.

Pastor Chip Ingram said, "God convicts us of something that we do wrong so that we can get it right. He wants us to live holy lives and will convict us to keep us on the straight path." I thought that was so good. God convicts us of something that we do wrong so that we can get it right. We get it right by giving our hearts and lives to Jesus and by trusting in him to help us through.

Conviction makes you want to change, or see a need for change. Condemnation makes you feel bad and unworthy of his love. Rom. 8:1 is either true or a lie. I choose to believe that it is truth. I hope you do too.

There is a secret law of the soul and it is Godly love and how we think about it.

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