Fall is here to stay!

Kate Prince

Tomorrow is the last day of summer; I am so excited that autumn is officially here! Even though I love wearing sweatshirts, boots, and leggings - and I think fall decorations are beautiful - my favorite part is the cooler temperature. I am always hot! When I worked at LifeWay, all the other employees kept count of how many times a day I said the words, "I'm hot!"

Just last week I was talking with my grandmother about the change in weather. She said she was already cold; before long she will turn on her heat! I had to chuckle because I still have my air on full force. My thermostat is always a topic of conversation among my friends. In the summer, I keep my entire house at 68 but I have an extra window unit in my bedroom that runs on 61 at night. When I entertain guests, the first thing they ask for is a blanket!

In the winter, I don't use much heat. When I lived in my apartment, I almost never turned it on. There were several other units in my building, and I would benefit from their insulation. In my house, I only turn the furnace up to about 65 and still sleep with a ceiling fan and box fan.

I know there are many of you out there that cherish the summer heat, and I apologize that you're going to suffer in the upcoming months. Just keep this in mind... there are only so many clothes that I can remove in the summer, be thankful you can keep layering!