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Today is Thursday, July 7, 2022

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

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Today, my grandmother celebrated her 91st birthday. I know I have written about her enough in the past that everyone sees how much I love and respect her, but I feel this milestone deserves another article. These are a few of my favorite memories I have from growing up around my Grandmother.

I spent lots of time at Bonnie's Beauty Shop in the summers and after school. I loved to watch Grandmother as she shampooed and styled the hair of everyone that had standing appointments. I also enjoyed talking to the ladies while they sat under the dryers; I considered them to be some of my best friends. And that's where I learned to read and write!

I also enjoyed the time that Grandmother and I spent sitting on the front porch in her swing after supper each evening during the warmer months. We actually had a pretty regular routine. First, we would eat an early dinner just after Jeopardy went off. My favorite meal was Banquet Hot & Spicy Chicken with a baked potato and lettuce dipped in Catalina dressing. Then we would watch the 6 o'clock news and Wheel of Fortune at 6:30. After that we moved to the swing until it was time for me to go home.

Sweet pickles were one of my favorite homemade items from Grandmother's kitchen. A bountiful cucumber patch in the summer meant there would be plenty of sweet pickles throughout the rest of the year. Since Grandmother can't make them anymore, I have taken over. Currently, there are 4 gallons of cucumbers on my kitchen counter, cut up, and soaking in water and pickling salt. Just the thought of tasting them makes my mouth water.

These snippets just skim the surface of the multitude of memories we've made over the years. Love you Grandmother, and once again, Happy Birthday!

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