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Impossible? Don't believe the lie

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Impossible? Don't believe the lie

Teresa LeNeave


Is something missing or messed up in your life that only God can fix? Do you have family or friends who make life difficult? Some who break your heart? Have you ever found yourself feeling sad, separated and alone when people are all around you? Have you ever thought, or said, "What's wrong with me and right with them?"

I believe we all have those moments when life is just too difficult, but I'm reminded of a woman in the Bible who experienced those same thoughts, problems, and feelings, yet, in the end she conquered them all. Her inner turmoil seemed intolerable. She suffered daily at the hand of a woman who was married to her husband. Two women were married to the same man.

This ridiculed woman was Hannah. Hannah, who was ridiculed and laughed at (by the other wife) for having no children, turned the impossible into the possible through prayer and finding favor with God. She ended up having five children. The undeserved persecution Hannah was forced to endure only served to ignite desire for change in her heart.

Hannah was married to a very rich man, Elkanah, who had two wives, Hannah and Peninnah.

Peninnah was a spiteful, cruel and jealous woman. In the Biblical account you'll read where Peninnah's hate was directed toward Hannah because Elkanah loved Hannah the most and didn't try to hide the difference in his feelings toward the two women. Hannah took Peninnah's ridicule for many years, but apparently one day it became too much to bear.

Hannah knew only God could bring the changes that would stop family and friends from making fun of her. She felt all alone in the world and probably thought, "What's wrong with me and right with her?"

When we are stretched as far as we can go; when there is no one around who can help us; when we are out of all options and there is absolutely nothing we can do, that is when intense desire for change will cause us to fall, broken, before God just like Hannah did. There are times when only God can bring about change. That is when the impossible can become possible.

If we need a miracle, like Hannah, then we need to know what she did that turned the tide for her. (I Samuel 1: 8-18). If it worked for her, it will work for us.

I was quite amazed when I realized she didn't talk back when reviled. She didn't defend herself. Instead, she cried from the depths of a broken heart to God, her only help. She was so troubled she couldn't eat, so she prayed. The Bible says she went to the temple, alone, to pray. She prayed earnestly, pouring her soul out to God for help. When she heard a word from God (through the prophet), she believed what she heard. The Bible says she got up and ate and her face was no longer sad. (Her faith showed in her face).

There is a lot of significance in Hannah's story for all women, or men, who suffer unjustly. One, seemingly unimportant woman, became one of the most outstanding women named in the Bible. Her first son, Samuel, became one of Israel's greatest leaders.

I want to encourage you: When you are tempted to settle where you are, don't. When you may not see how it can happen, it can. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good. God is not finished yet. When you are tempted to give up, don't. What looks impossible may very well be possible! "This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith" (I John 5:4).

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