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One step at a time

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I find it intriguing how there's a process that must be followed for everything we do. Whether it's driving a car, cooking, or solving a math problem, everything must be done in an order to accomplish the task.

Some things we do are just mindless but we still do them in order. For example, when we get ready in the morning, we don't put on our clothes for the day and then get in the shower. It's a process and we know what to do first. There are multiple steps to getting ready but they are routine for us; we really don't have to think about them.

There are many things that have very specific processes but unless you are involved, you don't realize it. When I was in college I worked at Wendy's. My job was to dress hamburgers. Now, you may think that's easy and mindless, but it's not. There's actually a process. The condiments were color-coded as white, red, green, white, red, green. Mayonnaise was spread on the bun, ketchup was spooned on, there were 4 pickles, 2 rings of onion, a slice of tomato and a piece of lettuce. The piece of cheese was squared up on the hamburger and the mustard was squirted on top of the cheese in the shape of a 'W'. It seems silly but I guess that's the way Dave wanted it done!

I remember watching a friend of mine make homemade grape jelly a few years ago. I had never made jelly. I didn't know what the directions were or what process to follow. The following day when she opened a jar to taste the jelly, it was far from jelly consistency. Instead, it was rather runny and spooned out of the jar like honey. I laughed and asked what happened. She told me she looked at the recipe again and realized she was supposed to add the ingredients one at a time instead of all at once. The recipe also said to boil it and told specifically how long, but in her eyes it wasn't enough so she let hers boil double time. Obviously, not following the directions resulted in a less than perfect jelly.

How many times do we do this with our lives? We try to do things on our own, which often turns into disaster. I've heard the Bible story of Abraham and Sarah so many times in my life. God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, but he and Sarah felt their time was running out so instead of following God's plan they took matters into their own hands. God had a perfect plan for them and He had promised them a child, but they didn't wait for His perfect timing.

For just about everything we do, there is a set of directions we must follow. Sometimes we have to do one thing at a time and can't throw all the ingredients in the pot together. There are other times we think we know what's best, but we don't. It's not always a big deal when it comes to cooking, but in our lives, we must learn to sit back and wait on God to show us what to do next.

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