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If this table could talk

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There's a Southern Gospel song playing on the radio station right now that's titled, "If Stain Glass Could Talk and Church Pews Could Shout". It talks about an old country church and the lives that were changed inside. If the stained glass windows and church pews could talk about what they saw over the years, oh how they would testify!

Over the weekend I moved my mama's kitchen table into my house. As I situated the chairs and sat down on the bench, I thought back to the many meals and memories my family shared around that table. Some were funny while others were more solemn and serious.

My all-time favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I know it's not a wholesome Hallmark movie, but it makes me laugh. A few years ago, my family sat down for a meal together at this exact table, and Mama asked if someone was going to say the blessing before we ate. Everyone looked around, and no one spoke up immediately, so I quickly put my hand over my heart and began saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Within seconds we were in tears from our laughter.

Most of you reading this article also read my mom's cooking articles for many years. Mama's table wasn't a fancy one set aside only for dining. The recipes that she shared were created on this very table; it was the centerpiece of her kitchen. I would often walk into the house and find a table full of ingredients. She loved to cook and her food was just the best. I even have a photo of Mama sitting at the table, cutting up pickles as she made me a bowl of tuna fish.

Like the pews and stained glass windows of that old country church, Mama's kitchen table could also testify if it could talk. Out of all the stories that table could share, I think the common theme would be love. And I look forward to creating more memories around the table and sharing that love with my family and friends.

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