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Catch the fish: let Jesus clean them

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Not one leaf is identical. Not one drop of water. Not one flower.

If God made everything in nature with its own footprint why would anyone expect people to be just alike?

It's not that we're expected to be alike, but too often we're expected to think alike. There is definitely a right and a wrong. There's the Bible way and the carnal way and people fall everywhere along the spectrum. The closer we get to the Bible way, the happier we'll be.

People who have caged themselves into thinking we should all be, and think, just alike are always going to be disappointed. There are groups who want everyone to be, and believe, like they do. As you well know, biologically we may be the same, but mentally, physically, emotionally (and even spiritually) we will never be the same. We all have our own footprint just like every flower in the field has its own. Even identical twins (who have the exact DNA) have differences in their thinking; in their opinions and their lives, but that doesn't compromise the fact that they are twins.

For my part, I'm very glad God is so diversified. I'm glad we have differences of opinion because it makes us think and dig in the Word for the Truth of God. We would quickly tire of a world full of people who believed and acted identical to ourselves. Differences in opinion is what makes us desire growth.

If everyone thought and acted exactly alike, the world would become stagnate, diseased and crippled. This world would never have lasted as long as it has if every person was just like the next person. The good thing about diversity and differences in opinion is that we can learn to respect our similarities and our differences. And, we grow.

All the disciples were totally different. They thought differently and they acted differently. When Thomas was doubting the others were believing. When Peter cussed, yelled and denied even knowing Jesus, the rest were quietly waiting to see what was going to happen. Would Jesus die? Would he smite his enemies with his great power? Or, would he, like a lamb, be taken to the slaughter? If he died would he rise again like he said he would? Everyone had a difference in opinion. Some were fearful. Some went back to their old jobs just like nothing had ever happened. Every disciple, the people closest to Jesus, were totally different.

You and I will be totally different. That's not to say we won't have many of the same characteristics because we will. Our model is Jesus and that's who we should strive to be like. Will we ever be exactly like him? No. Jesus himself said there is none good but the Father (God).

Bible teaches us to strive for holiness, not a-likeness. I've got to strive, to do MY best, not YOUR best. God simple asked us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

That, to me, is the key. Taking our Christian life seriously is what Jesus demands of us. One of the Ten Commandments says, "Do not take the Lord's name in vain." Don't accept him into your heart and then show him disrespect and lack of love by the ungodly way you live. You hear so often: If there's been a change; there will be a change.We change to be like Jesus. You won't change at the same rate as another person, but you will change. The goal is to be like Jesus. No one else.

We catch the fish, but Jesus cleans them.

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