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That is SO like God

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Sitting in the shade watching my seven-year-old granddaughter and her Gramps play in the pool, I couldn't help but be reminded of the love God has for us. Greg had worked hard all day. The heat index was 108 degrees, but Abbi wanted him to play in the pool. He wanted to sit in his recliner and watch the news, but Abbi wanted to play in the pool. He wanted to mindlessly watch ESPN and rest. But Abbi wanted to play in the pool.

Guess what happened? ... Abbi and Gramps played in the pool.

Abbi is grown now, but that day, as I watched them play, I thought of how God is so like a loving parent or grandparent. Greg's a teacher; a character builder. He plays house or school with the little ones; plays golf, makes up entertainment or watches "special movies" with the older ones and is a supporter of whatever they attempt to do. If they want money, he invents jobs just to give them a way to earn it.

He is whatever they need at the time. If its movies, he does everything he can to make it fun and before long our TV room is transformed into a movie theater complete with popcorn, Raisinets and their favorite drink. He is building relationships that will last a lifetime. And that is so like God.

His love is always enough. He could spare them some pain, but sometimes he lets them do things on their own so they learn to be young adults. He knows love can't always protect so he lets them take chances.

One day, while enjoying a good book, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation between Abbi and Gramps. Very innocent and sounding like she was seriously wanting an answer, Abbi asked, "Do you like that other little girl over there?" (She was talking about her doll).

Gramps quickly calmed her questioning mind, when he answered, "You mean like I love you?"

"Yeah!" she said with a big grin.

"No way!" Gramps reassured her.

"Awe," she said, smiling her big smile. "I'm glad!" And away she ran, filled with confidence that only love can give a little child. And that is so like God.

Coming in from the pool they grabbed my best beach towels, quickly dried off, went into the kitchen and began fixing one of Abbi's favorite treats...ice cream. He couldn't wait to give a good gift to his granddaughter. And that is so like God.

Our heavenly father's love far exceeds a grandfather's love. All the good things we want for our children and grandchildren, God wants for us. I remember the Bible saying, "If you ask for a fish, would he give you a stone?"

Of course not! God doesn't get down in the floor and play games with us, or take us to the movies or the science museum, but he is just as near and just as loving as the best Grandpa in the world. You can trust God to love you; to care about your pain and your heartache; and to pick you up when you fall down. What a God! What a friend!

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