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The art of survival according to an ant

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"Go to the ant...consider its ways and be wise"

(Proverbs 6:6).

Most of us don't like ants and we certainly don't want those little nuisances in our homes. In fact, we do everything in our power to get rid of them, so what in the world does God think we need to learn from them? Let's count the ways.


Have you ever seen an ant not moving? It's doubtful. Ants are always moving. Always preparing. Always planning for their future. If an ant procrastinated, like I do, the winter would wipe them out. They prepare to survive. What can we learn from the ant? Prepare. Don't procrastinate.


Maybe we should be a little like the ant in that they are creatures little in stature, but they don't know it. They can carry up to 20 times their weigh ... and they do it to help each other. We see all our faults and remember all the bad things that have happened, but that weighs us down. Be like the ant, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.


Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer (Prov. 30:25). They plan ahead and leave nothing to chance. They can carry up to 20 times their weight. Some can carry up to 50 times their weight. How is that for "little strength?"

Ants know all about caring for each other. They are social insects. They are almost always with other ants. They always live in a community. They always look after the community.

Ants always share what they have. When an ant finds food, he doesn't keep it to himself. He leaves a scent trail that directs other ants to the food.

They cover, or take up the slack, for other ants. If a catastrophe occurs, ants respond by quickly adapting their duties to overcome the problem. If a food item is too heavy, other ants come to their rescue to help them carry the load.

They "instinctively" re-shape their world. When ants find something wrong with their environment, they do something about it. They adapt themselves to what's around them. They don't sit down and quit when it's tough. They regulate temperature and humidity within their nest, which helps the entire community thrive.

They are not lazy. They are workers. They are not just workers, but they are WORKERS TOGETHER. Maybe that's their greatest lesson for us.

They love, they share and they serve. If we were a little more like the ant, would we be more productive as Christians? Working together, we will help the entire community thrive.

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