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Local officials vote 4-0 to remove Paducah commissioner

When it comes to race relations in Paducah, Kentucky and in my own life, I feel that I walk the walk. My newspaper group publishes a Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Section every year. Now the MLK, Jr. Tribute Section is not racially motivated; it's based on Dr. King's legacy and history. In other words, to honor him and tell of the events associated with that week.

I'm thinking of a diplomatic way to call out the recent WOKE decisions of Paducah's Mayor and City Commissioners regarding David Guess. I feel that it is relevant and necessary (in today's political environment) to point out some facts and mention free speech and hypocrisy.

Thanks to the 1st Amendment (Freedom of the Press) and the ability to request Open Records on local political figures, this gives me and opportunity to report on matters as I see them and share my view point on how this effects our local community. However, I feel this message would be best served, for now, as an opinion piece for KPI Newspaper Group.

Why is everyone so sensitive these days? Is there no room for laughter or humor? Is everyone so worried that anything they say might offend another person? Growing up as a person that loved comedy as art and a form of entertainment, my favorite comedian of all time is Richard Pryor. I like Dave Chappell, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy and several other comedians. Pryor had no problem pointing fun at himself, including his own race, and other races as well. It was Pryor's prerogative and his right to do so. Remember, not everyone will like your jokes or what you say.

Ever heard of political satire? I felt the need to write an article about Commissioner David Guess' situation during the holidays. I mentioned that the Christmas season was one to celebrate the birth of Christ and reminded people that Christ wanted us to forgive our trespassers. I warned folks not to make this situation a political football, which has now happened. Let's say, I had text messages from these same people that voted to have David Guess removed from office. What if their messages were preceived to have racial overtones? Would they hold their self to the same 'zero tolerance' stan-dard? Would they voluntary remove themself from office? If not, that's hy-pocrisy in the highest form. What's happening to Commissioner Guess is 'reverse racism'. Who is standing up for his rights? Not his peers, as they've publicly thrown him under the bus. I've spoken to many business leaders and former political figures regarding this situation. They are all dis-appointed and ashamed this has happened to someone in our city, and this is the path they are taking. No forgiveness for a text message is one thing as this 'witch hunt' is taking place and city business has been put on hold in order to have a court proceeding that will not hold up on appeal in a court of law that was non-biased.In the weeks to come, people will find out many truths and some cold hard facts about what really goes on with our city government. It's not right, so be prepared. The facts in this case will eventually surface, they always do.

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